Endovascular Cardiac Complications



Dear colleagues,

We are honored and privileged to provide you with the final program of the 11th edition of the “Lausanne Complications Course”. Again, we have attempted to combine information and education within a stringent 3-day time frame.

Our faculty, coming from east to west and passing down under on the way, has been asked to address topics different to usual, sharing information in a rather philosophical way. 

Education will be brought to you into the format of 81 cases from 28 countries around the globe. Obviously, it will be impossible to present all of them in a traditional manner. Therefore, a total of 33 cases will be presented in the main auditorium and the remaining 48 during the complication forum, hereby providing a permanent clinical case presentation program throughout the entire congress.

As usual, a jury chaired by Malcom Bell and Jack Tan (assisted by Tom Mabin, Morton Kern and Olivier Muller) will select the 3 best cases, whose presenters will be rewarded at the end of the congress.

Once again, we will hold an interventional cardiology quiz, exclusively available on our official app, which will run during the whole congress. Both the winners of the best clinical case and of the quiz will be awarded an IPad Air containing the latest updated version of the PCR EACPI textbook and the OCT atlas.

So come and join this “small but global” meeting in order to both share experience… and to experience a truly different congress.

Welcome to Lausanne.


Sign Eeckhout                              Sign Lerman Amir                    Sign Lerman Amir

Eric Eeckhout                                             Michael Haude                                                Amir Lerman

for the course directors