Endovascular Cardiac Complications


Presentations ECC 2016 Dusseldorf


Day 1 – June 29, 2016 (click to show/hide)



Case Session 1



 Left coronary system disaster associated with right  coronary artery retrograde CTO recanalization (R. Gil)


Extraordinary course of coronary dissection(T. Lickfeld)







A very complicated coronary perforation (L.W. Tam)


Retrieval of dislodged stent at left main stent

(W.A.Wan Ahmad)





Trouble-shooting after TAVI – an unclear transvalvular pressure gradient (D. Rottländer)


Double jeopardy: Failure to deflate sent balloon during rescue angioplasty (R. Trivedi)










Case Session 2


Conservative management of annular rupture following a TAVI implantation with a balloon expandable device (A. Wolf)


Repetitive embolization of a Watchman LAA occluder

(R. Birkemeyer)





One is not enough (B. Wein)


Nothing is as seems (M. Sadowski)





Right vehicle perforation by pacemaker implantation (M. Makaroius Laham)





Day 2 – June 30, 2016 (click to show/hide)



Case Session 3



Anything that can go wrong will go wrong (P. Neugebauer)


 Complicated PTMC in pregnancy (S. Kalpathi Ananthanarayanan)







Perforation of vein graft (M. Wiemer)


Retrieval of a lost stent (V. Schächinger)







Case Session 4


An unusual complication after TAVI (M. Abdel-Wahab)


Just a second clip (H. Ince)





Antiaggregation in resucitated patients – a life-in-the-box case (M. Haude)









TAVI complications: How this procedure became as safe as it is today


TAVI complications: How this procedure became as safe as it is today (E. Grube)








Case Session 5



Acute perforation of right ventricle during TF-TAVI procedure (G. Ayoub)


DCB snaped in the coronary artery (B. Liu)





Never say never (A. Farah)


Guideliner, not always a lifesaver (T. Vossenberg)





Perivascular abscess after coronary stenting (A. Vanyukov)








Case Session 6



Austria Case: Conservative therapy approach of a spontaneous coronary dissection (M. Schmid)


Germany Case: Dislocation of DFM-Valve during intravalvular postdilation (T. Schmitz)





Switzerland Case: The different faces of scaffold thrombosis (F. Cuculi)


Austria Case: Complication due to radial access: Catheter trapped in peripheral artery (W. Kommer)





Germany Case: Pericardial tamponade 5 years after implantation of a St. Jude Premere PFO occluder (L. Bruch)





Day 3 – July 1, 2016 (click to show/hide)



The future of cardiovascular research




The future of cardiovascular research (A. Lerman)









Case Session 7





Coronary evaginations after BRS: Treat it or leave it!? (H. Nef)


Recurrent acute stent thrombosis (A. Maicka)





Coronary artery anomaly of left coronary arteries with malignant course of Circumflex artery in STEMI (S. Ohm)


What is the right thing to do? (M. Ahmed)







Case Session 8



TAVI complicated by aortic/left subclavian artery perforation (A. Witkowski)


Lead perforation during CRT-D implantation (C. Stoepel)







TAVI: if the device does not work (J. Schofer)








Case Session 9



Lost stentballoon in an extremly calcified vessel finally fixed with an other stent (K. Weber)


 Acute perforation of left anterior descending artery under treatment of acute coronary syndrom (T. Holst)





Stir up a hornet's nest (P. Chichareon)


LM-Stent – Lost and found (V. Klauss)





A case of unusual wire entrapment and fracture! (S. Chandra)


A rare complication related to radial guide wire misadventure (M. Ayyaz Ul Haq)





Stent in stent entrapment (L. Balogh)