Endovascular Cardiac Complications


Welcome to ECC Lausanne 2019



Dear members of the interventional community


Since the initiation of a dedicated meeting on the shared presentation of complications during percutaneous cardiovascular interventions in 1998 in Lausanne, 20 years have passed. Indeed, 20 years.  This longstanding-maintained tradition indicates the interest and value of this “niche” meeting for the community.  Over time, it has matured, become worldwide and has diversified into new areas of percutaneous therapies.


In the evolving field of new regulations and rules in the relation and partnership between the industry and healthcare providers, ECC Lausanne 2019 takes the challenge to grow further and continuously improve the meeting content. For sure, we will maintain lectures on atypical interventional matters. We truly believe in their added value. We will also keep the special guest lectures principle, bringing a humble tribute to unique interventional practitioners. Finally, the core of the meeting will always be your contribution:the interactive sharing and learning of our complications.


We are also proud to announce the newly established ECC ASSOCIATION. More information on this will be shared shortly as well as at ECC Lausanne.


We truly look forward to meeting you again in Lausanne!



Sign Eeckhout


Sign Lerman Amir


Eric Eeckhout


Michael Haude


Olivier Muller


Amir Lerman


Jack Wei Chieh Tan



In 2017 we welcomed participants from 52 countries in Lausanne!